Helpful tips For Selecting The Right Wedding Venue – PART 1: THE CEREMONY

Where should you have your wedding ceremony

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be just right. Choosing the perfect wedding venue can be an overwhelming task. You are bombarded with suggestions from friends, family, far-away relatives and the World Wide Web leaving you utterly confused and frantic. 

But don’t worry,

here are some tips for you to guide you on your way to selecting the right venue: 

Before you start the search for your perfect wedding venue and start weighing different options, draft an initial plan.

Make a note of the estimated number of guests you want to invite on your wedding day.

Decide on a realistic budget for booking a venue.

Ask people who have married recently about the venue prices. Enquire from different wedding venues to get an estimate of the costs of renting the venue and the additional expenses that might occur on top of that.

You can choose to have the ceremony and the reception at the same location or have two different venues.

If you are planning a religious ceremony in a church or a temple, you will have more restrictions as compared to having the ceremony elsewhere. 

Some questions you might want to ask before selecting the ceremony venue are: 

    • Will there be an officiant to take care of all your needs?
    • Can only members host a wedding or is it possible for outsiders to get married there too? 
    • Are there any restrictions regarding decor, time, readings, the length of the ceremony and musical selection?
    • Is photography allowed during the ceremony?
    • Are there other expenses involved?
    • Will they decide the music or you can coordinate with the choir director or organist to play your music?
    • Can the florist come and set up according to your specifications?
  • If you are planning on tossing rose petals or something like that, you need to confirm with if it is allowed. 

If you are choosing a ceremony venue in a place other than where you are hosting the reception, such as a church, city hall or an outdoor location you should also consider:

    • the distance from where you are getting ready and then to the reception afterwards.
    • how will you and your guests get to the ceremony and then to the reception.
    • to plan for more time to get around.
  • to keep in mind that you may have to decorate two separate venues.

Check out part 2 on selecting a reception venue here. 

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