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What to wear for your engagement session

What to wear for your engagement session

Your engagement session is quickly approaching, and you’re starting to feel the pressure – what should you wear?! There aren’t many rules, but here are some guideline that can be a good starting point.

Be yourselves

The most important thing is that you dress in a way that makes you feel like you. Don’t get dressed up if you’re always in jeans and a hoodie. Pick something comfortable that you like.

Bring options

Don’t hesitate to bring options. Your photographer can help you find the best match and what does better with the surroundings. For me, I often take photos in nature, so it’s highly likely that you’ll have to change outside. If that’s an issue it’s better to choose an outfit beforehand. An option is so send over photos, and we can choose together in advance.

Your clothes should match the surroundings

You have to be comfortable, and what you wear should make sense depending on where we’ll be and what we’re doing. If it’s snowing wear hats and wooly jumpers. Go with shorts and a dress during the summer. If you’re hiking to the top of a mountain wear good shoes, and on the beach it’s more than ok to be barefoot. Make sure you wear something you can move in, and a flowy dress is never wrong.

Don’t exaggerate color choices and patterns

Opt for earth tones and neutral color varieties, like navy blue, mustard yellow, burgundy and forest green. Avoid too bright colors, and be aware that strong colors can be reflected in light skin tones.

Smaller and more discreet patterns are better not to distract too much, and avoid wearing competing patterns.

Bring props

But to be clear – I don’t mean those typical cheesy photo props. I mean instead that we should design the photo shoot around something. Maybe a hike with a bonfire, or a trip to the beach with a blanket and a book. Or what about a picnic in the forest? If you have a dog it’s more than welcome. The result should something that is truly you.

Hair and makeup

It’s so important to feel well. But – don’t go overboard on the makeup. Remember that the goal is that you feel like yourself, and not to disappear behind to many layers of makeup. If a trip to the hair salon is something that makes you feel great then go for it, but it’s by no means a must-do. Don’t underestimate simplicity.

If you haven’t scheduled your engagement session yet, then you should. Even if you’re not planning on getting married anytime soon- having a couples photo shoot is so much fun so go for it! Contact me for more details!

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