How to plan a last-minute elopement

There are many reasons for doing an elopement wedding instead of a traditional wedding day, but one repeat factor is to escape the stress of planning a big wedding. There still has to be a little bit of planning if you decide to elope, but it’s up to you how detailed and specific you want to get. Let me walk you through the planning steps: 

  1. Dream and brainstorm.
  2. Do your research
  3. Make decisions
  4. Book and buy
  5. Design the elopement day
  6. Final preparations
  7. Have the best day of your lives
  8. Going home

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Impulsively deciding to elope is so cool and definitely doable. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when planning a spontaneous elopement wedding: 

1. Download the guide. 

It has all the things you need to do to plan your dream elopement + checklists and resources.

2. Do your research and make the elopement your own

Even though you’re opting out of a traditional wedding you definitely don’t have to get married at the courthouse. Your options are practically limitless- even when you’re doing it last minute. 

The most romantic choice might be to book a flight to go somewhere you’ve never been and making it into an unforgettable elopement and honeymoon combo. Say your vows surrounded by nature and spend your time only caring about each other. 

3. Don’t try to make everyone (or anyone) else happy 

If you’ve decided to elope chances are that someone you know isn’t thrilled about not getting to share the experience with you. That’s ok though. You’re eloping because you want to, not for anyone else. And you know what – if you were to have a traditional wedding surrounded by everyone you know there would be plenty of people having more than one opinion of that as well, concerning everything from what you’re wearing, to the food and the decorations. 

Make sure you do things the way you want to. And let your loved ones see the beautiful photos from your elopement day and tell them all how wonderful it was. 

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4. Ask for Advice 

Let’s be real – you’ve never eloped before. So, of course, you don’t know how to do all the things. And when time is of the essence it doesn’t exactly make it easier. The solution is quite simple though. Ask for help. Find good vendors- a photographer, planner, officiant, stylist. Whichever you look for first can probably help you on your way. Some key things to figure out is:

  • How to get your marriage license:
    • Making the wedding legal is different in different states and countries, so make sure you do some research. Some choose to do the elopement without worrying about the legalities and sorting out the paperwork before or after.

  • Where to find your outfit
    • Wedding dresses can take a long time to order, get fitted, etc. You’re allowed to look outside the box. Look at the shops you love and see what they might have. Choose a short dress in a cool color. A jumpsuit? A used dress you find in a thrift shop. Or maybe you already have a nice skirt or top that can be a dream two-piece dress.

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5. Keep it simple

Perfection isn’t what you should aim for. Stay down to earth. Have expectations, but make sure they’re grounded in reality. 

Remember why you’re doing this!

You’re eloping because you want to celebrate your love. To commit and really get started on the rest of your lives together. You want to kick it off with an adventure. That’s what it’s all about.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk!

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