Destination wedding and elopement photographer from Norway
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Norway + Destination elopement photographer

You deserve to celebrate your love your way!

  • ★★★★★

    Thank you so much for amazing photos!

    We are so happy with the job you've done - you've really been a part of making our wedding day totally perfect- so THANK YOU!

    Stine + Håkon
    Stine + Håkon

Intimate elopement photography

Imagine a quiet celebration with just the two of you on the side of a mountain overlooking spectacular scenery. You should get to celebrate your love, even though it’s just the two of you. And don’t worry- your story that takes the center stage in the photos you get, while the landscape will be the stunning backdrop that it is. When you look back on the photos you’ll be able to relive the day and recognize yourselves in that moment of time. You’ll feel all the touches and see the sweet glances you give each other. The moments that would otherwise just disappear will now be memories. These moments mean so much more than hours of posed shots, because they show the real you on the most important and special day.

  • ★★★★★

    Because of my previous experience with photography, I feel that chemistry with the photographer is everything, both because of the mood around the photoshoot, and how good the pictures turn out. You are a skilled and comfortable photographer who see the need of your clients, and you are able to wing it if you have to. You listen to your clients and do what it takes for the photos to turn out great and to make your customers happy.

    It was very nice to take photos with you, you are a calm and warm person with many good ideas and practical solutions on unforeseen issues that might turn up. You are easy to relate to, and that means a lot for the chemistry which again influences the photos.

    Tove + Inge
    Tove + Inge
get to know me

Hi, I’m Ingvild

To me being a photographer is about story telling. Getting to know who you are and what your story is.

I live in Southern Norway, but love to travel to photograph happy couples in love. My goal is that my photos capture emotions and moods, and to make you feel something when you look at them. No matter how long ago they were taken.

All about love

This is what wedding photography should be all about; Capturing the love you feel for each other and making sure you have memories of your very own love story to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Keepin’ it natural

Using natural light, and focusing on the emotions you have when you’re together will result in amazing personal and unique photos to remind of you how you spent your day and how you felt.

Uniquely you

Without photos, it can be so hard to remember all the little things that happened. And I know you want to remember this time in your life forever. By creating a collection of all of your personal touches and your personality we’ll complete the story of your special day!

  • ★★★★★

    For us, it was such a relief to feel that the wedding day photography was so easy because we had an engagement session beforehand.

    You were the right photographer for us because you are such a comfortable person that makes photography so nice. And you know what looks good in pictures. You are a pleasant photographer who captures beautiful moments with her cameras.

    Before deciding on a photographer it was important that the photographer could help us make the photography a nice experience as we are not used to being photographed. And of course, we liked the previous work of the photographer. You filled those demands:) We read a review from another couple that wasn't particularly comfortable in front of the camera, and therefore recommended you.

    The photography session was so nice! We are so glad we did an engagement shoot beforehand so that we knew what it was all about. We didn't have to "get used to" being photographed on the wedding day, which meant the photography went so much smoother. We are gotten so much joy from our photos <3 and not to mention so many compliments.

    We would like to recommend all other brides and grooms to do an engagement session in advance! It is so good to know how it works. And you'll get great memories from the engagement shoot, and pictures to use in invitations, menus, etc.

    Mathilde + Martin
    Mathilde + Martin