Where and How to Have a Destination Elopement

destination elopement

Where to elope?

You can have an elopement almost anywhere.

There is an infinite amount of options. Maybe a bit too many. Start thinking of what kind of surroundings you prefer and what climate you want. Maybe you want to combine your wedding day with your honeymoon. I (of course) recommend considering the photography when you choose the place you want to get married in. My suggestions include Namibia, Norway, Mauritius, Banff, Rockies, Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Morocco, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Mexico, Seychelles, Victoria falls, Scotland, Santorini, Ireland, Iceland, Bali, Hawaii, Caribbean.

Make sure you take care of this beforehand

Paperwork and formalities are important.

After you decide on where you want to elope, check out what requirements that country has. If it seems difficult you can always do the formalities in your home country and do vows and photos in your chosen place.

Consider the surrounding

Including season, weather and details.

An elopement can be done so SO much simpler than a wedding. There’s far less to worry about, and you are free to do things however you want. But – it can be really nice to make more of an effort than the bare minimum. Season matters a lot when it comes to colors and light- not to mention the weather. In addition, it can be fun to choose your florals and dress based on the setting you’ve decided on. Even though you two are the focus it can be made so beautiful and memorable. And don’t forget about the photos!

How can I help?

My job is to make sure the memories are taken care of, I document the day. You’ll get plenty of photos to remind you of your journey. From hairstyling in the morning, midday hike to bonfire snuggles at night. No matter what you’re picturing I’m there! Read more about my offerings.

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