Why choose a pro photographer, and not rely on a “friend with a camera”

A pro photographer has all the equipment needed

There is a lot more than just “a camera” required to being a wedding photographer: various lenses, computer and software for editing. And not to mention backup of everything including, camera, lenses and spare batteries, plus more than enough memory cards. Most importantly though, is that wedding photography is all about capturing moments, emotion and creating memories that last a lifetime. The technical skills needed for this to do this are of course essential, but the pro will also know when to actually take the photo, where to be and how to frame it. If your friend isn’t experienced with weddings, they won´t really know how to deal with this type of photography.

A friend might not have backup

A pro will have backup of all their equipment and they will have a network of photographers should they become sick or if an emergency should occur on your wedding day. A pro photographer is insured and they are covered in case something happens. An amatour is probably not.

A pro is committed

A pro is dedicated to you and your day and will spend time getting to know you, and they keep your wedding day sacred. In addition they are committed to edit the photos after the wedding, and deliver them in a timely manner. You´ll have a contract to keep everything safe and proper.

A pro wedding photographer has relevant experience

Even if you have a friend who takes amazing landscapes, they might not be familiar with weddings. It takes practice to know where to be at all times to capture emotion, people as well as the action.

You get quality and results from a pro

You can expect high quality and consistent images that fit together and tell a story from a professional photographer. The photos are what you have left after the wedding – and it is the best way to keep the memories alive.

Savor your friendship by working with a professional

Working with a friend might cause a strain on your relationship. How committed are they? How are they compensate? And what if you aren’t happy with the result? With a pro you don’t have to worry about a strained relationship. Plus you want your friend to enjoy the wedding.

Working with a friend might be hard work

You don’t have to do a lot of research or list out what you want covered or where you want to go, or come up with all the ideas. The pro photographer will already know what to cover, and scout for the best locations. They will let know know everything you need to know. Hiring a friend might leave most of the responsibility to you, plus there will be more work for you to handle both before and after the wedding.

Having a pro photographer is an investment

You can cut corners with the cake or the decorations, probably without anybody noticing. No one will remember – including you, but your wedding photos are your best way to keep the memory of your wedding alive. Your wedding is forever and if you divide the cost of your wedding photographer on the rest of your married life, it probably won’t amount to very much.

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Portrett Ingvild

Hi, I'm Ingvild

I spend as much of my time as I can being outside taking photos of happy couples in love. I live with my dog and boyfriend in Norway, and I love traveling the world in search of beautiful locations and love stories.

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