Where in Norway can we elope?

You can elope pretty much anywhere in Norway. Which is both brilliant and frustrating at the same time. Because where do you choose?! 

When I work with a couple who want to elope I always start off by asking them a bunch of questions to map out who they are and what would suit them – and of course what they’re dreaming of. If you want my help planning your own elopement, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll tell you more about your location options when it comes to eloping in Norway.

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In Norway, you can pick and choose from scenery such as white sand beaches, world heritage fjords, waterfalls and epic mountains. You might get to see northern lights, snow, and blossoming trees, all depending on where you choose to go.

What it comes down to is what scenery you prefer, what time you year you are up for and how much movement you want to do. 

Snow, ice and winter

If you want winter and snow best times are January to March, or even through May in many places – especially if all you’re hoping for are snow-capped mountains. If you’re set on going during the summer and you’re still hoping to see what Norway is famous for, I’d recommend checking out one of the many glaciers. For example Fonna summer ski resort. Check out Northern Norway and maybe especially locations at altitude like Jotunheimen.

Fjords, waterfalls and mountains

For breathtaking fjords, epic waterfalls and mountain views you should visit Western Norway. Some places might have more tourists than others, so to avoid that you should pack your hiking boots. You don’t have to step far away from the beaten track to get the place to yourselves though. If you do want to do some serious hiking, the summer months are definitely the right time to come. Popular destinations include the spectacular (and overcrowded) Trolltunga, or Prekestolen near Stavanger, or check out ut.no for thousands of other ideas like Dronningstien in Hardanger or Hesten in Senja

Northern Lights

If the northern lights are what you’re after your best bet is Northern Norway in months where it gets dark at night, September through March. The phenomenon that is the northern lights are not seasonal, but the chances of seeing them are. It has to be dark enough, you need a clear sky and the effect is strongest from the Lofoten Islands to the North Cape. You need patience and warm clothes (plus a decent amount of hot chocolate). Northern lights can’t be guaranteed, but check out the northern light forecast before heading out. 

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Turquoise lakes

Is turquoise alpine lakes your thing? We’ve got ‘em. Some obvious choices are Lovatnet in Stryn and if you want to hike Besseggen it will give you a beautiful view of Gjende. Nigardsbrevatnet is another one worth checking out. Some are very accessible and you can even kayak on them, while others require a hike like Bondhusvatnet.

Water activities

Craving some action-packed water activities like white water rafting? Check out Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen, Ølstra in Sogn og Fjordane, Ostedalselva in Sogn og Fjordane or  Raundalselva, Strandaelva and Vosso in Voss. They are all excellent for white water rafting, 

You can experience one of the strongest tidal currents in the world- Saltstraumen. And did you know Norway, and Saltstraumen, is an excellent place to go diving!? Also, check out Hattan if diving is your thing. 

And if you want to go canoeing or kayaking you have even more choices. Some of the most popular and spectacular places are Vesterålen, the Helgeland coast, Sotra and Øygarden outside of Bergen, the Vega islands as well as numerous lakes and rivers inland. 


White sandy beaches? In Norway? Yes! Lofoten and Senja have many beaches overlooking unique mountain views. There are also endless beaches and popular surfing around Stavanger like Solastranden, or Hoddevik in Stad. Vetvika and Grotlestranden in Nordfjord are also stunning. 

Blossoming trees

A favorite of mine is the fruit blossom season in Hardanger. Imagine a stunning fjord between tall mountains, and apple, pear and cherry blossoms to top it off. May, or if you’re lucky also early June is when to catch it. 

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Now, you decide

Is it hard to choose? I’ll let you in on a secret. You may not have to. So many of these are possible to combine. As I mentioned in the beginning when I work with a new couple I always start by mapping out what they most want to do, and then I create various options for them to fit most of them into the same unique elopement experience. How cool is that?! Less work and more fun for you! Let’s talk!

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