Helpful tips For Selecting The Right Wedding Venue – PART 2: THE RECEPTION

How to choose a wedding venue

I previously published a post on selecting the ceremony venue. If you are wanting the ceremony and the reception in the same venue you need to consider if the venue has two different spaces or if you will need time to rearrange the setup of the room between the ceremony and the reception.

When it comes to selecting the reception venue here are some things you need to research

    • Will you get on-site coordinators? 
    • What are the resources provided by the venue for your ceremony and what do you need to organize yourself? Do they provide food, or will you need outside catering? Do you get to bring your own alcohol and cakes – or do the venue provide everything?
    • What’s the extent to which you can customize your wedding? Decorations and flowers. Do they set it up or do you? Who cleans?
    • Will they provide you with a mic, stage and other necessary equipment for entertainment?
    • Are there in-house musicians? Will they decide the music or can you coordinate with them to play the music as per your requirements? 
    • Is there enough parking space for you and your guests?
    • Is there another wedding on the same day as yours? 
    • Are there any possibilities of the location being noisy on your special day? 
    • Does the location have a no-noise policy or you can play music as you like?
  • Is there a room or place for the groom and bride to get ready?

If you are considering an outdoor wedding you might also need to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Once you have narrowed it down to a few possible venues for your weddings, you should

    • Ask for referrals from your friends, neighbors and those who’ve used the venue before.
    • Visit the venues in person and take pictures to remember how they actually look and to check the lighting.
  • You should google the venues to look for photos of the wedding venues for when an actual wedding took place.

Signing The Contract:

You’ve finally checked the entire list and have found your dream-wedding venue! You are super psyched about it and want just to sign off the contract and finalize everything. But wait, don’t hurry: 

Make sure you are clear about the additional expenses:

List down all the services that will be offered by the venue and the services you need to outsource. Triple check everything and discuss all the conditions with your site coordinator.

If the venue is a bit out of your budget you can try to substitute some of the services they offer:

It’s easier to replace the services with something better or less expensive rather than deducting it all together. It makes the negotiation process easier as well. 

You can say: 

‘We would love to make this venue our wedding destination, but it is falling out of our budget, are there any changes or substitution we can make to bring the cost down?’

Be prepared to make your payments: 

Venues usually ask for a small deposit when you sign the contract.

Lastly, don’t be pressured to sign right away. Weigh all the pros and cons, after all; it’s your big day! 

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