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Hi, I’m Ingvild, and I’m so glad you’ve found me!

Some of my favorite things in life are staying in with my boyfriend watching an episode (or five) of a tv-series, the excitement when a new couple asks me if i’m available for their big day- and the joy when seeing the images on my computer for the first time after the wedding, a quiet walk in the woods with my dog Sovhi, an energizing conversation with a friend and listening to music.


  • We chose you because we have seen all of the lovely photos you have taken of other couples. We have received so many compliments for the images. Everything went so well and the photos turned out beautifully.
    About Ingvild Kolnes
    Marianne + Kjetil
  • The best thing about our experience with Ingvild was the time we had to ourselves after the ceremony. And of course all the beautiful photos, both from the engagement session, the ceremony and after the ceremony. The pictures from the ceremony, and from the reception venue, as well as the ones with both us and Solveig have a special part in my heart. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer than Ingvild Kolnes. She listens, understands and suggests. She becomes a friend that makes you relax, be comfortable and yourself. With a skilled photographer behind the camera the photos become amazing. We wanted natural photos, in nature, without to much fuss and glam. In addition the chemistry was important as none of us are huge fans of being photographed. We are received so much great feedback and praise for our photos. And are thought it was a very casual approach to having our memories captured forever. We are so happy we chose to have you present doing the ceremony, it was a lot more quiet than if everyone would have been photographing. We hardly noticed you were there. We also thought you did a good job guiding us through the photography session, and got us to relax. Thank you for eternalizing our memories!  
    About Ingvild Kolnes
    Maria + Øyvind
  • Before deciding on a photographer we thought thoroughly about what kinds of pictures the photographer took, what we wanted for our wedding day, price and the photographer's level of engagement. We chose Ingvild as our photographer because she knows us, is patient, encouraging and accessible. She has given us so much useful information in a time we had so much to think about. Through her engagement and taking joy in what she does, Ingvild made sure our day was captured in a professional, fun and memorable way. And we found it useful that we had done a few photo shoots beforehand to give us the opportunity to practice. We liked her ideas, photos and engagement and we found it to be a great advantage that she knew us. For us "first look" was the best thing about the photo shoot.
    About Ingvild Kolnes
    Kine + Rune

more about me

My biggest passion is capturing real moments and turning them into lasting memories.

I love bonfires in the woods. With hot chocolate and blankets.

I love cooking, and I’ve been vegetarian for over 14 years. We’re in the middle of renovating and I’ll soon have a nice kitchen! And I can’t wait.

I’d rather stay up late and I love sleeping in. 

For me a good day is crossing off many things off my list- I love being productive, and I love planning!

I eat way too much chocolate and love smoothies. 

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling a lot across Latin America and South East Asia. I’ve lived in the UK, the US and Svalbard before moving back home to Southern Norway. I still love to travel any chance I get.

Come on in. Take a look around.
If you love what you see, I’ll be right here when you’re ready to talk about your big day. 

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