This is why you should always print your photos

Ta vare på bildene ved å printe dem

I love digital photos! I think they’re great! But, I rarely sit down just to look at them, when I do it’s always because I’m looking for something, or want to edit something- it’s not to reminisce. Prints are completely different. They can (and should) be hung up and displayed. They exist to remind us of something that once happened in our lives. Of course I recommend high quality with proper ink on beautiful paper rather than the plastic quality that can be bought anywhere.

Here is some points on why you should print your images:

To have something tangible

Having a canvas print on your wall, or an album to flip through is special. We connect to things we can touch, and gather around to look at and talk about. To get the highest return on the investment you did when you booked your photographer it’s well worth to choose physical prints, and not let the digital images be hidden and forgotten.

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To tell the story and relive

Remind yourselves of why you love each other and that you had this lovely day together by placing the photos around your home, and lot let them wither away on a hard drive somewhere. It’s nice to see yourselves smiling and happy when it’s raining out and you’re disagreeing on what to have for dinner.

Your photos are works of art

You have (hopefully) chosen your photographer because you like their style, and your photos deserve to be taken care of and looked at. Chose quality and longevity rather than price, so that they who come after you also get to enjoy the photos. Keep in mind that the digital doesn’t necessarily last. Store digital images in various places, and move them onto new mediums as needed.

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I spend as much of my time as I can being outside taking photos of happy couples in love. I live with my dog and boyfriend in Norway, and I love traveling the world in search of beautiful locations and love stories.

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