Pre- and post wedding


Let's adventure

Creating a personal experience all about you.

You don’t just want awesome photos – you also want to explore and have a good time. Let me help you with that! You'll get help to plan an amazing trip and have plenty of photos to remind you of your adventure.


You want amazing photos.
And you're choosing to do that before or after your wedding day.
You want something spectacular.

You want something different.

You’re dreaming

of photos with the two of you on the top of a mountain in Norway.

After spending a few hours reaching the top.

Or you want to combine taking your wedding photos with a relaxing honeymoon.


Some want several days of adventure captured

others only want one day.

Regardless of what you choose,
I’ll make sure your story is the main focus.

That way all the emotions will come back to you when you look at the photos in the years to come.

You want something epic

Relax & have fun.

You can still have the most beautiful wedding bouquet, the mouthwatering food (and cake of course) and dress you’ve dreamt of.

and you get the best photos

And there's no stress involved - around the guests, the venue and all the expectations associated with the wedding day. It's your adventure spent how you wish. Driving through the countryside chasing the snow. Jumping into the fjord with your wedding dress on. Or waiting for the sun to set to get the perfect light.

Honeymoon, wedding dress, and priorities

What matters most

The truth is that the most valuable things in life aren’t things at all.

It’s the people you love and the experiences you have that mean the most.

You deserve so much more than just having your portraits taken.

You deserve the best experience and the whole story told!

You choose how you want to spend your day

and I help you plan and remember it.


it works


Fill in the contact form and tell me a bit about you. We’ll set up a free call and get to know each other. Hearing about who you are and what you have in mind will give me a great idea on what might suit you.


If we both decide we’re a good fit it’s time to book your date and we can finally begin planning once the contract is signed and the first payment is placed.


We’ll create an unforgettable experience. Don’t worry if you don’t know what, or where, or how - I’ll do lots of research and give you options completely tailored to you. I give you location and vendor suggestions and create a timeline to make sure there won’t be any stress during your adventure.


Have the best day ever: It’s so much more than pretty portraits. It’s an experience. From getting ready in a cozy cabin, to vows on a mountain top to bonfire snuggles in the evening. It’s all part of it, and you want to enjoy the day from start to finish.


5. Remember forever

Relive your day over and over again. Thanks to your photos you’ll get to look back on the special moments time and time again. These memories are priceless and will bring you so much joy.


What you


photographer and planning help all in one

  • A private intake meeting and detailed questionnaire so I can get to know you and customise the day to you

  • List of location ideas tailored to YOU so can surround yourselves with beauty

  • Photographer travel fees included anywhere you want to go

  • The vendor recommendations that’ll give you everything you’re dreaming of

  • Customized elopement day timeline to make sure everything you fits in without stress

  • Photography coverage to ensure your elopement is documented

  • Digital gallery to view, download, print, and share your images to make it simple for you

  • High resolution digital photos with private printing rights to let you enjoy the memories forever

Adventure timeline suggestions

2 days

day 1

  • 11:00am:

    Getting ready together at your tree top cabin

  • 12:00pm:

    Roadtrip to an awesome waterfall with plenty of stops along the way

  • 3:30pm:

    Read letters for each other

  • 4:00pm:

    Celebrate with cake and snuggles

  • 5:00pm:

    Epic portraits

  • 6:30pm:

    Dinner and drinks at a local restaurant

  • 7:30pm:

    Sneak outside for sunset portraits

  • 8:00pm:

    Return to cabin

day 2

  • 6:00am:

    Early rise to reach a stunning view point before sunrise

  • 8:00am:

    Stunning portraits at mountain top

  • 9:00am:

    Picnic breakfast

  • 10:00am:

    Adventure around with 4x4 car

  • 2:00pm:

    Lunch at a view point restaurant

  • 3:00pm:


  • 6:00pm:

    Return to cabin for dinner

  • 7:30pm:

    Photographer leaves

Adventure timeline suggestions

1 day

12 hours

  • 10:00am:

    Getting ready at your cute airbnb

  • 11:30pm:

    First look at an awesome location

  • 12:00pm:

    Hike to the mountain top view

  • 12:30pm:

    Photography at the top

  • 1:00pm:

    Champagne celebration

  • 2:00pm:

    Roadtrip adventure in search of stunning view to get epic photos

  • 5:30pm:

    Dinner prepared by a private chef

  • 7:30pm:

    Sunset portraits

  • 8:00pm:

    Campfire and blankets

  • 9:00pm:

    Slow dancing under the stars

  • 10:00pm:

    Photographer leaves

8 hours

  • 7:00am:

    Driving to the first location

  • 7:30am:

    Vows during sunrise

  • 8:00am:


  • 9:00am:

    Adventure around by car

  • 10:30am:

    Swimming break to cool down

  • 11:30am:


  • 1:30pm:

    Mini hike to view point

  • 2:00pm:

    Epic portraits

  • 3:30pm:

    Photographer leaves

You'll get your own personalised timeline suggestion, as well as location ideas and vendor recommendations, after I get to know you and know what would suit you.

This is for you

if you

  • want a personal exclusive experience

  • are laid back and ok with the fact that plans might change

  • value experiences over things

  • want a stress-free wedding day

  • are crazy about each other and can’t wait for this next chapter in your lives

  • value photos as a way to treasure your memories

  • are more than ok with a bit of dirt on your wedding dress

    (and agree that sensible shoes is the way to go)


This experience is designed for you,

around you.

If you love what you see, fill in the form and let’s talk about your special day.

Frequently asked questions


The amount of gorgeous locations can feel endless, but no worries, I’m here to help you navigate your options. Once I know you a bit better I’m able to suggest only a handful of places that are a good fit for you.


For about 10 years. I started photographing more traditional weddings (though usually more untraditional ones at that). When I discovered elopements it was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Choosing to elope is something I can totally relate to. Being chosen to document a couples special day means so much to me.


There is no cap or set amount. I’m not holding back on anything, and I’m giving you the very best selection of the photos. These are your memories, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything.


Oh, you know.. That’s kind of like me asking my favorite chocolate factory if I can have all their ingredients so I can make my own. Even though I have a lot of experience in eating it, I don’t have the equipment or the recipe to make it myself. Unfortunately.

Your images are processed in my style, using my own recipe if you will, so giving you the raw files means you’re missing out. Also- I don’t want my images out there edited in a different style than my own.


You look good the way you are! Trust me! If you have something temporary like a scrape or a blemish that you don’t want showing in the photos, then of course I’ll take care of that for you.


Generally speaking, what you wear should match who you are and what you’re comfortable in. As well as the kind of day you’ve chosen. Location and activities planned matter a great deal. Winter and snow demands a whole other outfit than a beach wedding. I’ll be sure to send suggestions your way though.


Rain can make for some stunning photos, and it can be kind of fun too if you let it. Your day is your day, no matter the weather. But, should it be impossible to venture outside, we’ll have to come up with a new plan, or reschedule. No matter how much I love planning, I can’t do anything about the weather.


Well, of course your travel costs. Any costs for the vendors you choose. And if applicable any entry fees and if you need any special modes of transportation.


Get in touch with me so we can set up a call and take it from there. We want to make sure we’re on the same page before taking it to the next level. In order for us to start planning we’ll sign a contract, and once the retainer is paid we’re good to go. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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