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This is your story.

Celebrating an engagement. Toasting an anniversary.
Or just because. These are the stories of lovers.
Images that creatively tell tales of love, passion and marriage milestones.

  • Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures you've taken of us! It's so incredibly nice for us to have such well documented memories to care for! You really are exceptionally great at what you do, never stop doing what you love!
    lovers Ingvild Kolnes
    Adele + Anders
  • The photos are amazing, and we couldn't have asked for better memories to look back on! We really are so grateful for everything you've done for us. More than we're able to express.
    lovers Ingvild Kolnes
    Marte + Per Arne
  • We wanted to have some photos of us together, that shows love. The pictures you take are so natural, beautiful and there is a serenity in them. You are incredibly good at capturing feelings in your images. For us you were the right photographer because you take photos with emotions in them:) I feel happy when looking through our photos- them give me something. The best thing about the photography was the result; our images! And then there were seconds where it felt like we were the only two in the whole world, the rest "disappeared", including the photographer;) It felt a bit awkward at first, but it got more fun as we kept going. We got good guidance along the way. Thanks to a very skilled photographer we have got a beautiful collection images that to the highest extent reflect the love we feel for each other. THANKS SO MUCH for brilliant pictures!  
    lovers Ingvild Kolnes
    Beate + Åsmund


You two create them. I’ll capture them.

Laugh, jump, play around. Do the things that you two do, and I’ll make keepsakes of them – it’s a celebration of the ordinary. Which, actually, kind of creates the extraordinary.

Because, in ten years, twenty or more, these images are going to represent a single moment in time – before the wedding, prior to a family, just after an engagement, even after five years of a happy marriage.

As for the background?

We could climb a moss-covered hillside, stumble up a mountain, hang out till the sun sets or the heavens open (I’m all about embracing the weather – so if it rains, let’s get wet!). Or we might simply take a seat (and grab a coffee) at the local café. I’m easy and open to ideas. Let’s go.

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lovers Ingvild Kolneslovers Ingvild Kolneslovers Ingvild Kolnes