Focusing on weddings and couple shoots makes for a better experience and a better result. My job is to capture who you are and create meaningful memories at the same time. We’ll go where you want and focus on having a good time.

In the end

You´ll get memories that last a lifetime in the form of high resolution artistic and beautiful images.

  • First of all, we are extremely grateful for your service. You are an incredibly good photographer and you have really met our expectations! 🙂
    The photos are so beautiful. We have felt very safe to leave our memories in your hands, and we feel we have got our memories forever. The album was beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much for this and for the photos. Again, you are so talented, and I can't wait to tell people about it, and the good service you provide! You can count on it!
    Love stories Ingvild Kolnes
    Julia + Peder
  • We are very happy with the results, you were very comfortable to work with. We got good information the whole time. Wedding photos are very important, and we felt very safe with you, which was very comforting for us.The photo shoot went very well! We felt very comfortable in an unfamiliar situation. We got good guidance and tips for what would look good in the photos. During the ceremony we couldn't even tell you were there, and you still got so many good photos! Very good 🙂We have to thank you once again for really good photos! We are incredibly happy! We hope you continue as a photographer, you are so good! You will hear from us if we need more photos in the future 🙂
    Love stories Ingvild Kolnes
    Anne Jorunn + Inge André
  • It was so great that you met us beforehand and that you saw where we wanted to take the pictures. We got a lot of info, you "approved" our choice of location and we got to meet you and see that it didn't have to be so scary that us camera shy folks thought! Of course it was a bit intimidating right away but then we loosened up and it was a lot of fun! I am amazed that you got so many great photos from our silliness. We chose you for so many reasons! You take fantastic photos, you were never annoyed with us no matter how many questions we asked (at least we think so :P), you provided a service we were not expecting (you could have just taken the pictures, sold us the products and that was it). We got gifts (I love gifts), you radiate safety and experience and you are not afraid to have a sense of humor and laugh along with us when we take the pictures. THANK YOU!!Having YOU as our photographer was very safe and comfortable for us who felt as we were on thin ice. Your knowledge and experience made it easy for us. We have asked a lot of questions along the way, but we are so happy with all the information we got up front.
    Love stories Ingvild Kolnes
    Kine + Arve
Collecting memories


Warm and happy images from the big day.

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An elopement can be such a meaningful, intimate and unforgettable way to get married. Not to mention fun and adventurous!

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Transforming everyday life into lasting memories


To celebrate your love, and making a special occasion even if there is none.

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