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elopement - a quiet, intimate and stress free wedding day

Creating a personal experience all about you.

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    We are so so happy with everything, and have already recommended you, and will keep doing so 🙂
    The photos look lovely! Thank you!! 😀
    Signe + Jørgen
    Signe + Jørgen

Considering eloping?

Get the complete guide to planning an elopement.

Simple, personal and uncomplicated

All focus on you

The very best thing about an elopement is that it’s only about you. Just you. Not about table settings, family drama or the millions of other things that you suddenly have to worry about if you’re planning a traditional wedding. You get plenty of time together to celebrate your love. Time to be together- to experience something unique and of course also get photos from the coolest places and create the best memories of your lives.

Endless options

And it’s all up to you

Maybe you’re dreaming of a quiet celebration with just the two of you on the top of a mountain in Norway after spending a few hours reaching the top. Or maybe you want to combine your wedding day with a relaxing honeymoon and choose to get married on an exotic beach in Bali. Some want their closest friends and family with them, others only want each other. Regardless of what you choose, I’ll make sure your story is the main focus. That way all the emotions will come back to you when you look at the photos in the years to come.

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    The photos were everything we wanted! In you, we found a passionate photographer with warmth, respect, and skills to give us the comfort we needed and the memories we wanted. The photoshoot was amazing! You captured so many moments and cared so well for us and gave us good advice along the way. We’ve had the best experience with you and are really enjoying our photos!
    Mari + Tarjei
    Mari + Tarjei

Less stress with a smaller wedding

just relax and have fun.

You can still have the most beautiful wedding bouquet and dress you’ve dreamt of, but you miss out on the stress around the guests, the venue and all the expectations involved in a traditional wedding.

Honeymoon, wedding dress, and priorities

What matters most

The truth is that the most valuable things in life aren’t things at all. It’s the people you love and the experiences you have that mean the most. Doing an elopement instead of a big wedding isn’t a matter of not valuing your relationship or your families or any of that. It’s simply that you choose to prioritize this experience above other things. I get that! And you deserve so much more than just having your portraits taken. You deserve the best experience and the whole story told!

Regardless of what you choose

make sure the memories are being preserved

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  • ★★★★★

    Thank you so much for amazing photos!

    We are so happy with the job you've done - you've really been a part of making our wedding day totally perfect- so THANK YOU!

    Stine + Håkon
    Stine + Håkon