Wedding photography

Corona policy

There are so many concerns and worries surrounding the coronavirus, and restrictions. It's most definitely a situation that affects us all. I have full understanding that this is so sad and difficult for everyone planning a wedding. I want to cooperate and be as flexible as possible, while I have the need to point out that I'm running a small business that is also struggling.

Please keep me posted as to what you're planning and considering changing- both because I may help you out and because I might be turning away inquiries for your current date as we speak.

Postpone to a Saturday in 2021 or 2022

If you cancel your celebration and move your wedding to a Saturday in 2021 or 2022 there will be an admin fee of NOK 5.000,-, as well as the price difference from the time of booking to the current pricing.

See elopement prices here

Unfortunately, I can no longer accept postponements without any form of compensation. If the photography and wedding can legally happen (regardless of the number of guests), I'm ready to participate.

Postponement without added fees

If you cancel your celebration in 2021 and move it to a Sunday - Friday in 2021 or 2022 there won't be any added fees as long as the wedding is held in the Kristiansand-area. If the wedding requires an overnight stay it has to be held on a Monday - Thursday for no extra fees to be added.

Keep the date, change the plans

I have lots of experience planning intimate weddings, and I'm happy to give suggestions of how you can adapt the day to fit fewer guests - maybe even just the two of you - or have a day that's set to be more outdoors. Scaling down can actually be a benefit. A lot of weddings still happened in 2020 with some smaller or bigger changes.

Booking fee

Should you choose to cancel the wedding completely, or pick a date where I'm already booked, I want to remind you that your booking fee is non-refundable.

Travel costs

If your wedding requires travel and you cancel after travel arrangements have been made added travel costs may be added.


If travel restrictions, quarantene or other events should keep me from attending your wedding day I will do my very best to secure a photographer to photograph your event on my behalf. I have a big network of photographers around me.